COVID-19: Expert allays fears

MEDICAL expert has allayed the fears over lack of a vaccine that could end the Corona Virus pandemic.

OLUFUNSHO SEYE who is the Medical Director of ST. SHILOH Medical Center, Sango, Ogun State said he was optimistic that the cure to the deadly disease is in sight, noting that the cure could be found in a number of existing drugs in the Country.

He said: “Although the use of Chloroquine has been suggested to be impactful towards the cure of Coronavirus which hasn’t been certified safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) for consumption yet, but i am convinced that there is a high possibility that the use of other existing drugs along with Chloroquine is very likely to yield positive result towards the cure of coronanirus.

“No doubt the virus is real and it is spreading fast. As at today, we have more than 170 active cases in Nigeria, according to WHO.”

“From the evidence so far, the new coronavirus can be transmitted in all areas including areas with hot and humid weather.”

“The best way is to stay safe by staying at home to break the chain of transmission.”

Whether we will overcome the virus or not depends largely on us and our compliance on the preventive tips.

He added: “Many people around still don’t believe or rather still think coronavirus is the disease of the rich or of the politicians. This is not true”

“We all have to be aware of the fact that the virus does not discriminate, hence, the need to break the chain of transmission.”

“Most viral illnesses don’t have cure and are usually self-limiting once they run their course.

“Till date, no known drug or vaccine has been discovered or approved despite rigorous and unrelenting researches.

“The only way out now is to isolate the active cases and then urge everyone to go on self-quarantine.”

3 Thoughts to “COVID-19: Expert allays fears”

  1. Thank you very much Doctor Olufunsho for this insightful explanation on this disease. From this post, i will suggest that Authorities should refer to this disease for what it really is; as a highly contagious infectious viral disease which can easily lead to severe complications especially elderly people and those suffering from other forms of severe medical problems which could lead to fatality. The REAL problem with the disease is that it is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. I sincerely believe that the disease is not as deadly as it is portrayed from authorities and people around the world going by the ratio of recoveries to death. There should be proper balance in the way the disease is being reported. Now majority of people should know what to do to remain safe and never to be in morbid fear of this contagious disease.

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  3. Shola Adenuga

    Thank you for educating us more about Covid-19, God bless you sir.

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